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Whenever I make a change or addition to the site, I'll try to remember to post it here.

9/21/01 - The WTC Memorial site goes up on Kaleb-World.com.
9/25/01 - Added a couple of notes to the Commentary page, one for backup information on a reference to the Bible, and the other is a link to a CNN story about germ/chemical warfare threats.  Minor edits to other pages for grammar or clarity.

Also, I added a guest book and referral utility to the site - they are provided free (with their own modest advertising) to anyone who wants them from htmlGEAR.  I do not receive any revenue from their advertising, which exists solely to justify their free usage.  Nor am I interested in posting any other advertising on this site for revenue, so please don't ask (not that anyone has yet, but just to be sure).

On the other hand, if you have a memorial website yourself, or are in some way involved in relief efforts, I would be happy to post links to your site - just let me know.

BTW - if you see the website change before your eyes, you aren't seeing things - I make my changes while the site is up, so don't worry if a page is different one minute to the next - you're not going crazy.  At least, not because of my website...

9/26/01 - Joined the American Tragedy web ring - the links are at the bottom of the home page.  Please visit the other memorial websites in the ring.
9/27/01 - Added another story about the threat of chemical/biological/nuclear terrorism in the Commentary.  Posted CNN's chronology of 9/11/01 on the News and Info page.  Posted a new digitally modified "eagle" photo in the Picture Gallery.  Minor layout changes.

I also made a separate "How to Help" page and moved all the previous assistance organization info to that page, and added a section about the AMA's assistance program.

I'm really very stoked about the traffic the website has been getting - and thanks to everyone who's signed my guest book.  I've submitted the site to a few search engines, but I think the vast majority of the visitors to the site have been referred to it by friends, so once again, thanks!

9/28/01 - Added some new articles and excerpts to the Commentary page.  Keep an eye on how bin Laden is declaring this to be a holy war of Islam vs. Christianity and Judaism.  I don't know what percentage of the world's population are covered under those three categories, but it's got to be huge - probably close to half, is my un-researched hunch.

Also added the "Don't Tread On Me" flags to the Home page, and linked them to an .MP3 of the song of that title by the Damn Yankees.  I didn't ask permission to do this...I am aware that technically it is a breach of copyright, but something tells me that the Damn Yankees would approve.  If you are a Damn Yankee and know differently, let me know...

10/1/01 - Joined the Black Tuesday web ring - the links are at the bottom of the home page, right next to the American Tragedy web ring.  Make sure to visit the other sites in this ring too.  Also added a link to the America United website - check out their links section - right now, there's about 800 memorial/tribute sites listed there!
10/04/01 - Added a few new commentary rants, one around the news today that Pakistan has accepted the US's evidence that links bin Laden to the terrorist attacks.  The plot thicks.  Also, just noticed today that WKLH (see News and Info page) has placed a link to this website from their Dave & Carole section (that was the morning show I was on).  A new Photos page was added too, as well as a couple more links in the News and Info section.

After writing up that bit and doing those updates, I found that the British government has released a full dossier describing evidence linking bin Laden, Al-Qaida and the Taliban to the terrorist attacks.  I put a link in the News and Info section to it, as well as another little blurb in the Commentary.

The traffic on the site just keeps growing - approaching 1,800 hits as I write this - as does the entries in the guest book (thanks everybody!).  I thought I might try to make it clear that, while perhaps many of you leave your guest book feedback before you read through all of my commentary (and hence perhaps gleaning my views on religion) - I do genuinely appreciate all comments given, even those with a religious tone to them.  You are telling me that you are thankful in the highest regard that I and so many others got out, and that is what truly matters, and what I truly appreciate from each of you.  Each of you honors me with the highest expression of thanks you can give, which is an act that transcends all religion - a gracious act that I will try to do my best to live up to.  Thank you.

...and keep referring the site to friends and family!  Let's see just how high that hit counter can count!

10/10/01 - Added a few more notes in the Commentary, with some more news about the air strikes and reaction from Islamic groups.
10/16/01 - Added a new note in the Commentary, with a link to a fantastic Newsweek article about the hatred that Middle Eastern Muslims seem to harbor towards the US.  The article is a must read!
10/22/01 - The WTC Memorial website wins a site design award from New Cyber Tech!  Not too shabby, especially considering this is really the first site I ever designed.  Many thanks to whoever it was that submitted the site for review!

I also added a number of new comments in the aptly-named Commentary, primarily about the topics of bio-warfare and civil rights.

11/10/01 - Finally got around to doing some more updates.  A few new comments in the Commentary, as well as links in the News and Info section to the front pages of News-Gazette newspapers immediately following the attacks.

A few days ago the hit counter rolled over 3,000 hits!  I'm glad so many people are stopping by - please continue to refer the site to others.

11/12/01 - Added a note on the AA flight that went down this morning in the Commentary.
11/16/01 - Discovered that the newspaper Finance and Commerce posted their article on me on their website - I put a link to it in the News and Info section.
2/12/02 - Added what is probably the next to last comment I'll ever make here in the Commentary, just as the site surpassed 4,000 visitors.  Probably just one more comment when Osama bin Laden is found , and then the site will be considered "done."
8/29/02 - Hmmm...  BeSeen.com, which had provided my free hit counters, seems to have disappeared from the face of the web.  Made my own, but can't get the total count to reset, so it started at 1 again.  Hopefully I can figure it out...
9/26/02 - Added another note to the Commentary - I guess I just haven't had much to say.  I did manage to get the counter figured out, finally.
10/1/02 - Added a note to the Commentary...quite a startling revelation about China's potential role in the 9/11 attacks.  A must read!


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