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Obviously, news coverage was, and continues to be, extensive.  Most major networks ran in full

saturation (no breaks, no commercials, no regular programming) for almost a week.  Here I have

collected a few links to places on the web that you can go to find information about the attack

and it's aftermath.


The New York Times On The Web

Clearly, the Times was at ground zero, and has an extensive collection of articles and other items.

This link will take you to their special section on the subject:

Attack on America

Also, click here to view the NY Times' list of victims at the WTC, Pentagon, and the 4 involved airplanes.

Another comprehensive collection of information, as always, on CNN's website.

This is their special section on "America's New War:"

This is a comprehensive chronology (timeline) of the day's events from their website.

This is their compilation of victim lists.

This is a neat 3D visualization of different US aircraft that might be used in a war.


The News-Gazette (in Champaign, IL) is the newspaper I grew up with, and was the first major

interview that I gave.  They also have a special section dedicated to the topic:

Special Reports index.

A complete listing of their articles on the subject is on that index page - below are links to the two

main articles that I was involved with.  The first was an account from my brother, mainly, who

happened to be at our father's house and answered the phone when I called shortly after the attack.

The second is the full interview I gave to a staff reporter from my hotel room in NJ the next day.

"Current, former residents tell of attacks"

"Mahomet native recounts escape from Trade Center"

Here are Acrobat .pdf file images of the front page of these 5 News-Gazette editions immediately

following the attack.  The Sept. 12th editions' front pages relate the story my brother told the paper

about my initial phone conversation with him - the first family member I talked to after the attack.

News-Gazette front pages
Tuesday, Sept. 11, second edition.
Tuesday, Sept. 11, final edition.
Wednesday, Sept. 12, first edition.
Wednesday, Sept. 12, second edition.
Wednesday, Sept. 12, final edition.

The Star Tribune is the major newspaper in Minneapolis, and ran a truncated version of my

original email (although they managed to misspell my name).  Here's a link to that article:

"Tales of heartbreak, tales of hope: The victims, the survivors, the lucky"

MSN has got a comprehensive collection on the WTC tragedy as well.  Below is a link to an interesting

story with streaming video giving some background on Afghanistan, current home to primary

suspect Osama bin Laden - considered by virtually everyone to be the mastermind behind the attack.

Wow.  MSNBC releases the British government's dossier of evidence linking Al-Qaida and bin Laden to the attacks.  The Bush administration "has no problem" with the British document.


New York State Seal

NY Governor George Pataki and the official NY state website provide a lot of information.  There are many

more links on this page, such as to FEMA, that you can visit as well.  This particular page offers

emergency WTC information and an article listing of virtually every action the governor has taken

to address the tragedy.


Finance and Commerce

Finance and Commerce is a Twin Cities daily newspaper focused on MN business.

I gave a phone interview to one of their reporters a couple days after the attack...

You can read the article here.



Finally, although I don't think you'll find any information directly pertaining to my interviews

with them on their sites, I was interviewed either live or pre-recorded on these TV and radio stations:


WCIA - TV Station in Champaign, IL - I did a live interview with them on their 10:00PM news

show on Friday the 14th of Sept., 2001.


WICD - Channel 15 in Champaign, IL.  They taped an interview with me at the Amtrak station in Champaign

when I got off the train from Chicago the afternoon of Friday the 14th, and played it on their

10:00PM news show that night.  About a week later they also went to my Dad's house to watch their

reaction and get comments on the President's address the night of the 20th.


I did a live radio interview with the Dave & Carole show on WKLH in Milwaukee, WI

the morning of Friday the 14th of Sept., 2001.


KFAN (Minneapolis, MN) was the last live interview I did - 

the evening of Monday the 17th of Sept., 2001 on the Dan Barreiro show.



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