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The World Trade Center as it was before the attack.  This is an AP photo - not sure when it was taken.


United Airlines flight #175, a fraction of a second before plunging into the south (#2) tower of the WTC.

The north (#1) tower, where I and my associates were, was hit just a few minutes before by

American Airlines flight #11.


The explosion from UA #175, as seen from the other side of the river.


My NYC geography knowledge is pretty weak - don't know what the vantage point of this picture was.

I presume this also to be the initial impact of UA #175.


Horrified employees huddled at the windows of one of the towers...many people were faced

with only two unthinkable choices - stay where they were and burn, or jump.  Although there are

photos on the web of people jumping, I have chosen not to post any here.


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